The next broad call will open i November 2021.

The call "Innovations Ideas" opens the 8 of June 2021

The purpose of the call “Innovation Ideas” is to increase opportunities for SMEs and small and medium-sized municipalities to develop ideas that can lead to innovation. This can also involve getting the chance to work on previously developed ideas that require testing on a smaller scale prior to implementation or scale-up in day-to-day operations. The call, in accordance with Smart Built Environment goals, will contribute to the sustainable development of the built environment. Digitalisation and industrial processes should be central methods in the project activities funded. Applications can address processes, forms of collaboration, business models, technology or a combination of these.

Apply for funding to further develop previous ideas that now require smaller-scale testing for implementation or scale-up. In this call, you can apply for a maximum of 300,000 kronor in funding. The requirement for co-funding from projects seeking funding is at least 50% of the total project budget.

Last day of application: The 7 of September 2021.
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