On this page you will find results and reports from the Connected Construction Site project. The material is sorted by each test bed project. Certain independent material is also available, as material from the project as a whole. More material is published in Swedish on this page.

Material from the project in its entirety

“Digitalization Index: Developing a Model for Assessing the Degree of Digitalization of Construction Projects”

Published in a ASCE-journal “Journal of Construction Engineering and Management” av Ahmet Anil Sezer, Micael Thunberg och Brian Wernicke

“Introduction of a digital maturity assessment framework for construction site operations”.

Published in “International Journal of Construction Management” av Brian Wernicke, Lars Stehn, Ahmet Anil Sezer och Micael Thunberg

Seamless supply chain and safe construction site

Test bed host: NCC

White paper: SmartHelmets and BuildingCloud Technologies

Increasing safety and creating opportunities for productive construction sites Ahmet Anil Sezer and Martin Rudberg

White paper: Modernised Inspection Process

A white paper about Increasing efficiency of the inspection process with issue management and localisation functions, by Ahmet Anil Sezer and Martin Rudberg augusti 2021 (engelska)

Information availability and model-based construction

Test bed hosts: Lindbäcks Bygg and BoKlok Housing

A Method to Produce & Visualize Interactive Work, paper for the 37th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2020)
A paper of Raafat Hussamadina, Jani Mukkavaaraa och Gustav Jansson, Ph.D.a