Public real estates are important to welfare and they are facing a digital transformation. One problem today is that administrative costs have increased from an average of 26 SEK/m2 in 2008 to 40 SEK/m2 in 2018. The aim of the project is to create tools for a new technical management solution and adapt work process for saving the society unnecessary costs. The property owner must be freed from the situation where previous analogue work processes are “only” digitized, ie the process is carried out using a computer instead of paper and pen, but where the great potentials of digitalization have not been realized.

Final report

The final report is available to view in full on the Swedish project page.

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Unnecessary, repetitive and costly re-creation of information instead of re-use of information takes place today due to obsolete methods. The property owner has been forced into an unsustainable situation characterized by lock-in effects and data loss. The solution, the Real Time Real Estate tool, is expected to unlock and enable the property information to be available to the property owner and remove the lock-in. Rendering control of the information to the property owner should lead to them being able to more easily change and adapt their work processes regarding handling, storage and updating of ie. relation documents and leave old outdated processes (from an analog time).

The project has a hypothesis that a basic data-based solution as well as changed work processes lead to cost savings in public property management. The goal is to be able to secure available and accurate basic data, a functioning process and a useful tool after completing the project. The solution will be made available in an open way to all public property managers. The research question in the project is to verify if and to what extent the goal is met by a measurable cost savings. In addition to research and software development, the project will also have a major focus on communication, as dialogue is an important key to helping the industry’s players in the digital transformation.

Project leader: Sofia Stensson, Rise