In June 2018, Calluna AB and the Geografiska Informationsbyrån received funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for urban innovations for the project "Web application for collaboration and visualization of the trees' values for sustainable urban development and management of the city's green infrastructure". This was completed in July 2019 and resulted in a working web application. So far, 13 municipalities have chosen to map trees in the urban area and published these in stadsträ

In urban development, working concepts such as nature-based solutions, ecosystem services and green infrastructure is a priority in Sweden and in the EU. Research is ongoing and new methods are being developed, and it is a challenge to reach out with this. Knowledge and understanding need to be shared by many different actors involved in the urban development process; citizens, municipal planners, architects and construction companies. Stadsträ is a link between these actors and form a common knowledge base that is constantly updated, growing and spreading. The trees' values are overlooked, or that these issues come in too late in the planning process. Many trees are lost, new residential areas are being built without the tree's values being assessed and weighed against other benefits.

The aim of this project is to further develop the innovation Stadsträ together with our most important users. We do this through knowledge dissemination and development of functionality that adds more benefits to users of the platform. In five work packages that include what we have identified as the most important development areas, we aim to work with test beds, technical development, training and crowd-sourcing campaigns.

We believe that the project contributes to the overall impact target of 40 percent reduced environmental impact in a life-cycle perspective for new construction and renovation of buildings and infrastructure.

Project leader: Greger Lindeberg, Geografiska Informationsbyrån