The GeoBIM concept was originally developed for geotechnical purposes. While using this digital concept for information management in an environmental remediation project it was found that the quality and the efficiency gains in mass management are large. Mass management is one of the major issues in sustainability and climate calculations. With the optimization of mass management as above, the proposed project contributes to a clear improvement on sustainability.

The project will develop the GeoBIM concept with application to the contaminated soil discipline, focusing on the remediation process. By significantly increasing the degree of digitization, we will be able to optimize the use of resources in remediation projects. By gathering all available information, develop and visualize models and the like at an early stage, the smart choices will be made earlier than today. The purpose is to streamline digital information management throughout the remediation process. Both regarding dig and dump projects and for in situ remediation.

Examples of development opportunities are:

  • Database and model are updated live during remediation
  • Unforeseen objects or contaminants found during the remediation can be entered into database
  • Replaced masses are added as they are refilled
  • A completed management model is handed over to the client at the end of the project.

With the GeoBIM database as the digital information hub, all parties involved have continuous access to all data and models via a map interface that requires only a web browser.

With a completely new tool for managing remediation assignments, it will also open opportunities for the actors involved to take on new roles. This enables new business models and new or modified forms of procurement.

Customers of a concept for digitization of the remediation process are a broad collection of different actors. Here can be mentioned authorities, consultants, designers, contractors, remediation companies, municipalities, TRV and others.

Project leadare: Mats Svensson, Tyréns