Future societal and transport challenges mean that roads, tunnels and bridges and also housing need to be built. Examples are the Stockholm Bypass project with a cost of 37.7 billion and the Westlink in Gothenburg with a cost of 20 billion. With an increased automation in these projects there is significant cost and environmental savings that can be acheived. At the same time, the building and construction industry is the sector that has been least affected by digitalisation and automation. The work is carried out in a similar way as during the last 50 years, while the costs of work performed have increased. In some cases as much as 8 times more than other costs.

The industry needs efficiency and change. Pure errors that occur and which could be prevented by more automated and digitized processes amount to many billions annually. There are examples of major automation in the mining industry. Furthermore, there are examples in the construction industry of automated construction in Lund / Malmö, where a greater effort has been created, among other things, in robotic brickwork. Internationally, there are several different examples of major centers formed with automation of construction as a focus. With the large investments that will be made in the construction industry over the next 15 years, it is important that development and implementation of an automated construction can start as soon as possible. To achieve this, increased national cooperation between various actors in Sweden is required, and that conditions are created for a test bed linked to civil engineering where new ideas and products can be developed and tested.

The project wants to carry out a feasibility study for increased automated and robotic plant construction. Furthermore, the project wants to create a national collaboration between actors in the construction industry and therefore create a National Network for Construction Automation with an alternating leadership between the different colleges.

Projektledare: Fredrik Johansson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology