The work with the environmental and sustainability requirements that are increasingly being applied on the construction industry, is today perceived as an administrative burden. By facilitating conditions for systematic requirements management throughout the construction process, the work can be simplified and rationalized. In so doing, we hope to change the industry's view of these requirements to something positive and important.

We lay the foundation for the change by developing a prototype for a standard regarding digital exchange of information on sustainability requirements and compliance declarations. At the same time, we develop a prototype for a cloud service with the working title Incheck, where the standard prototype is applied to Sweden Green Building Council's certification system “Miljöbyggnad” and "CityLab". The service enables handling of, and collaboration on, sustainability requirements and compliance declarations with the same simplicity as Spotify handles music. The prototype for Incheck and the standard prototype are pilot tested and further developed in at least 10 real assignments for environmental and sustainability coordination in construction projects at Bjerking AB, where integrations with other solutions are developed, for example services at GS1, Svensk Byggtjänst and Svenskt Trä.

The objective / effect is to evaluate how standardization together with increased digitalisation can enable a productivity increase in environmental and sustainability coordination, lay the foundation for continued standardisation work at GS1, and create a decision basis regarding potential future packaging of Incheck as a commercial service owned by Coresource Solutions AB.

Project leader: Robert af Wetterstedt, Bjerking