The strategic basis of Smart Built Environment comprises four thematic areas and a number of different tools. Smart Built Environment is based on the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation presents when the entire sector thinks and works together in the long term. Smart Built Environment supports and coordinates initiatives. The strategic basis comprises four thematic areas and a number of different tools. These tools are the instruments that we use to best achieve effects and results within the respective thematic areas of the programme’s impact logic. We work with strategic projects and open calls in the four thematic areas. We also work to disseminate results and experiences to the various stakeholders in the built environment sector.

Our strategy is to create an information infrastructure for the built environment sector, enable business applications that can be accomplished through digitalisation and industrialisation, and integrate all the processes of built environment so that they interact for the benefit of sector stakeholders as well as society as a whole.

We are particularly focused on supporting companies and organisations that are looking to lead – stakeholders with a willingness to change and innovative solutions that can create the competitive edge of tomorrow.