Transformation and swift dynamic processes are needed to enable change for sustainable development. There is a need for coordination between different stakeholders together with a landscape perspective. Landscape Ecological Management Approach (LEMA), will constitute a methodology and a platform that promotes insight, consciousness and collaboration for sustainable solutions. The main focus will be on the landscape and its complexity.

The idea is that the LEMA method will be based on landscape ecology science and find solutions where businesses can develop and grow, without deleterious effects on ecosystems and biodiversity. The goal in each LEMA project will be a positive net effect on the environment and the landscape, or at least No Net Loss of biodiversity. LEMA will be a dynamic method with continuous development, in line with new research to reach and maintain sustainable development.

The project addresses 10 out of the 13 goals in the short-term effects in 2024 according to Smart Built Environment's effect logic 2.0. Primarily, two of the call's thematic areas are applicable to LEMA, Innovations and Knowledge and competence. Two thematic areas are secondary, Information infrastructure and business models.

About the project

ID: UI-2022-2

Granted in: Innovation ideas 2

Project manager: Kristina Kvamme, Jakobi Sustainability AB